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Basic policy on personal information protection

Aridagawa Town respects the privacy of all users of this website and makes every effort to ensure visitors can use this site with peace of mind.
Handling of personal information including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses is handled appropriately, pursuant to the Aridagawa Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

Collection of personal information

The general content of this website can be browsed without the need to reveal any personal information.

Use and provision of personal information

Personal information collected will be used only to respond to inquiries or to process applications according to the purpose for its collection as stated in advance, and excluding instances where consent has been obtained directly from the user who provided the information, as provided by law and regulations, or as permitted under the Aridagawa Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance, will not be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose and will not be provided to third parties for any purpose other than the intended purpose.

Management of personal information

Personal information collected is held under strict control by each of the relevant authorities, etc., and measures are in place to prevent disclosure, loss, falsification and the like. Personal information that is no longer required is voided and erased without delay.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the event of change to the content of the Privacy Policy, details of such will be published on this website. Contact will not be made to individual users.

Inquiries regarding personal information

Inquiries regarding personal information or the handling of personal information can be made either via the online contact form, by telephone, or in writing, etc.

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