Budo Sansho

Recipes with budo sansho

  • 名越聡子さん
    Satoko Nagoshi

    Graduated from Chie Kato Confectionery School
    Graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Pan Diploma Program
    After studying Western and Japanese confectionery, bread, and cooking while working in the kitchen studio of a cookware manufacturer, and planning various cooking events and supervising recipes, she moved to Ehime Prefecture.
    Since 2018, she has been working on recipe and product development under the trade name “Nichijousahan” which translates to “Dairy meals and tea”.

  • Emiko Yashiro
    Emiko Yashiro
    Atrio Inc.

    Food writer, food coordinator, researcher on cooking with stock, and dried foods maestro. Active as an editor with many years of experience in the area of food, working on a great number of practical guides and books. In 2004, utilizing her accumulated experience, she became involved as a founding member of the popular lifestyle magazine Mart (Kobunsha), with trends and lifestyle information given from a homemaker’s perspective, and has been contributing in creating various booms. Also, as the foremost authority on stock recipes Emiko Yashiro has led the current trend of home cooking with dashi stock, and written the best-selling book Kayanoya DASHI Recipe, having sold over 70,000 copies. She has also published Le Parfait cook & stock, and Super Delicious Meals with Stock.

  • Osamu Nakanishi
    Osamu Nakanishi
    Yasaiya Sai
    Spanish-style restaurant

    Born in Wakayama City. Vegetable sommelier. Trained in Kyoto, Fukuoka and Tokyo, and learned customer service in-depth at the famous Osaka yakitori restaurant, Torimaru. Established Yasaiya Sai in his home town of Wakayama in 2011. In 2013, Nakanishi received the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Award. Impressed by the innovative and exquisite food and food cultures of Basque Country and Donostia San Sebastian, he strives to dish up tastes that can be presented only in Wakayama. Living by the principle of putting his whole heart into cooking, he focuses on cooking that shows respect for the ingredients and to his customers.

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