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Aridagawa Town area


Popular wasabi sushi and wild vegetable cuisine from Shimizu, Aridagawa Town.

Taste local cuisine such as seasonal wild vegetables, river fish, and other blessings from the mountains in this restaurant located in a 70-plus year old building. Wasabi sushi, a local specialty, is Akadama’s signature dish. Expect seasonal river fish and superb mountain views when you visit.

  • Wasabi sushi

    Our high-quality ‘Mazuma wasabi’, currently cultivated in Shizuoka, along with other parts of the country, has its origins in Wakayama Prefecture’s Inami-cho (formerly the Mazuma District) and other areas. Pickled mackerel, soy sauce and sugar-stewed ayu sweetfish, shredded wasabi stalks, smoked salmon, and budo sansho are wrapped with rice in wasabi leaves. The invigorating spice of the wasabi leaves coupled with the sweetness of the Kansai-style vinegared rice match any number of fillings, making this an attractive local speciality.

  • Sansho Wakayama ramen

    Local Shimizu area budo sansho is added to Wakayama-style pork and chicken bone soup for an invigorating aroma, which can be topped with even more sansho. Ground sansho is also mixed into the noodle dough, giving this high-quality dish a further spicy kick.

  • Wasabi sushi set meal

    Recommended for those who wish to try both the wasabi sushi and the sansho ramen. Also comes with a small sansho-based side dish. Customers can choose between udon, soba, or ramen noodles.


337-7 Shimizu, Aridagawa town, Arida district
Wakayama prefecture 643-0521
Phone: 0737-25-0371


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Interview date:2019.5.13

Aridagawa Town area


An appealing menu from a restaurant set inside an agricultural village-themed resort spa.

Asagiri can be found inside this joint hot spring, shopping, and accommodation facility. Feel the natural grandeur of the mountains in this warm and modern timber-constructed building which showcases the attractions Shimizu area has to offer.

  • Sansho curry

    A popular menu item at Asagiri is the sansho curry, made from a combination of Wakayama-grown sansho and spices. It's known for its spicy punch and invigorating sansho aroma. Vacuum-packed curry packets are the top selling souvenir at the sales counter.

  • Konjac potato (devil's tongue) set meal

    Aside from budo sansho, Shimizu area is also known for konjac potato. Asagiri is famous for its ‘konjac potato set meal'. The konjac is served in eight different ways, including as sashimi, noodles, salad, deep-fried, and tempura. Wasabi sushi rice is served as well. Even the dessert is konjac topped with dark molasses.


1225-1 Shimizu, Aridagawa Town, Arida dixtrict, Wakayama prefecture, 643-0521, Japan
Phone: 0737-25-1181


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Interview date:2019.5.14

Aridagawa Town area

Farmhouse Cafe

Step back into 1920s Japan
A cafe in an old farmhouse

A hidden gem of a cafe in the neighborhoods of town. It’s like time has stopped in this 100-plus year old wooden building containing a piano and old radio set. The main dishes and desserts make thorough use of Shimizu sansho.

  • Sansho set meal

    Traditional medicinal cuisine that incorporates sansho. Aside from the sake lees soup, the eight small dishes all contain sansho. They include sushi, rice topped with dried sardines and sansho (rice refills free), and hot soup made with sake lees. The healthy set meal also contains vegetables prepared in a variety of ways, including with sansho berries, simmered with sansho berries in soy sauce, pickled, ground, with special seven-spice, and with a sweet soy-based dressing.

  • Homemade chocolate cake with sansho

    A chocolate cake containing sansho that can be ordered after the sansho set meal, or just as part of the regular cafe menu. Enjoy the harmony of chocolate and sansho!

  • Grinding sansho on a stone mill

    Dried sansho is ground on a stone mill to make traditional medicine. Enjoy the fresh, invigorating scent of the freshly-ground pepper.

Kannoya Farmhouse Cafe

456-1 Nishinyunozu, Aridagawa town, Arida district, Wakayama prefectur,  643-0813, Japan
Phone: 0737-22-7028


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Interview date:2019.10.19

Other areas


A robata-yaki style charcoal grill restaurant located in Machida City, Tokyo, where seasonal ingredients are cooked right in front of customers.

Hand-picked seasonal vegetables, seafood, and meat fresh from the market are grilled on the hot iron plate. From delicate appetizers to bold, flaming dishes, this is a Japanese-style restaurant popular with those who enjoy delicious local food.

  • Seared skipjack tuna with budo sansho egg yolk and vinegar dressing

    Skipjack tuna harvested at the same time as budo sansho. The fish is seared, sliced, then finished with a vinegared sansho egg yolk dressing and green spring onions. Often used in traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, the egg yolk and vinegar dressing is made using yolk, vinegar, and sugar, among other ingredients. At Tomoshibi, cooked sansho berries are also included to add spice. Paired with the aroma of the sesame oil coated tuna, the combination produces a kind of ‘Japanese mayonnaise’. This gives the dish a western feel for further enjoyment.

  • Grilled Agu pork in Kyoto-style miso with budo sansho

    Agu pork shoulder is marinated in Kyoto-style miso mixed with sansho leaves and berries. The pork is grilled, releasing the invigorating sansho aroma, which also brings a delicate spicy feel. Finally, the dish is topped with crushed peanuts roasted in sansho leaves and berries. The rough fatty sweetness of the Agu pork is complemented perfectly by the budo sansho.

  • Homemade arima sansho

    Preserved sansho which has been boiled in salt water, rinsed, then cooked hard with water, sake, and soy sauce. Tomoshibi prepares arima sansho in advance, and uses it to garnish a number of dishes, including fish confit and soy sauce-preserved beef.

  • Owner/chef Yamaguchi-san

    Yuki Yamaguchi works hard, even preparing food when the restaurant is closed. He heads to the market himself every day to choose the best seasonal ingredients. Using his large natural charcoal grill, Yamaguchi-san magically draws the finest flavors from his raw ingredients. The counter seating, where customers can have a drink while chatting to Yamaguchi-san, is popular among regulars.

*Menu changes seasonally.
*Reservations are recommended before visiting the restaurant.


Nakajima Bldg. 1F, 1-16-11 Naka-machi, Machida city, Tokyo, 194-0021, Japan
Phone: 0428-51-7766


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Interview date:2020.3.11

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