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Takegami Mokuzai Co., Ltd.

Mitsuaki Takeue
As the CEO of Takegami Mokuzai Co., Ltd., a company with a 70-year history of manufacturing logs, Mitsuaki is actively promoting the modernization of the forestry industry by incorporating IT and introducing high-performance machinery to improve work efficiency. In recent years, he has also been involved in forest management projects.

Interview date:22020.6.30・9.1


Q&A with a young employee of Takegami Mokuzai

Kaito Ichinose
I moved here from Yokohama longing for a career in forestry
Q:What made you decide to join the company?
I first learned about forestry from a scene in a movie. I was deeply moved and thought to myself, “this is the only way!” and jumped into this world right after graduating from high school.
Q:What is the work environment like?
There are many experienced senior workers, which is reassuring. They will teach you tips for safety and efficiency according to your skill level, so you can grow steadily without stress.
Kokone Itani
Even if you don't have confidence in your physical strength 
						It's no problem at all!
Q:What made you decide to join the company?
I learned about Takegami Mokuzai through an internship program at the College of Agriculture and Forestry, which I attended for one year, and after experiencing interning with the company for two weeks, I really enjoyed the work environment.
Q:What were you worried about?
I wasn’t sure if I’d be physically able to handle it, but once you get on the tools, it’s not hard work, and as I get more accustomed to the work I felt that even women can thrive in this line of work.
Masayuki Moritani
Good rapport among employees keeps us safe
Q:What do you value in your work?
No matter what, safety comes first! In order to work safely and efficiently without any injuries, I think it is important to have good rapport and trust among the employees who work together in the forest.
Q:How do you spend your days off?
I used to work as a car mechanic, so I still love cars! I enjoy driving. I enjoy driving on my days off, and Wakayama has many good roads to drive on.
Tatsuya Fukushima
The scale is part of the appeal for this job
Q:What do you do now?
Currently, I am mainly in charge of thinning work. I calculate how to cut trees that are growing differently, and I love it every time I am able to cut a tree in the targeted area.
Q:What is the most rewarding part of this job?
This is a job where you come into contact with large trees that you would never see in the city. I was worried at first, but don’t worry, everyone is here to help!

The direction of felling is determined by making cuts for the "receiving end" and "trailing end" into the logs..

We also maintain work paths and trails for forest management at the request from the local government.

Annual schedule of Takegami Mokuzai

Strong teamwork ensures work safety

753 Kusumoto, Aridagawa town, Arida district
Wakayama prefecture
Phone: 0737-23-0055

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